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Can I bring my pet? When the hotel is listed, the Manager indicates whether pets are acceptable at the hotel.  Look for a Paw-print icon or for pets accepted in the amenities section in the property details for hotels that accept pets.


How do I contact the Reservations Desk? On the detailed listing page is all the contact information provided manager of the hotel. In addition, we provide an inquiry form to send a request for more information about the hotel or the availability of rooms directly to the reservations desk.


How do I make a booking? Bookings are made directly with the reservations desk, using the contact information provided in the details of the hotel listing.


What type of deposits can I expect? Each hotel sets its own policy about deposits. Most require a major credit card to complete a reservation.


How are cancellations handled? Cancellations and refund information is available directly from the reservations desk using the contact information provided in the hotel listing.


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